Spencer Wright’s hair makes me so mad.

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I… Am I the only one that noticed this or..?

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so rebellion came out on blu-ray and everyones talking about this show again so i thought now would be a good time to make this:


She has a loving family and best friends, laughs and cries from time to time… Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader of Mitakihara middle school, is one of those who lives such a life. One day, she had a very magical encounter. She doesn’t know if it happened by chance or by fate yet. This is a fateful encounter that can change her destiny—this is a beginning of the new story of the magical witch girls.

it’s a magical girl story but with a lot of dark themes.. like you’ll be very surprised when you watch the show

the main series (the anime):

1. i first met her in a dream, or something… (sub / dub) // 2. that would be truly wonderful (sub / dub) // 3. i'm not afraid of anything anymore (sub / dub) // 4. miracles and magic are real (sub / dub) // 5. there’s no way i’ll ever regret it (sub / dub) // 6. this just can’t be right (sub / dub) // 7. can you face your true feelings? (sub / dub) // 8. i was stupid, so stupid (sub / dub) // 9. i'd never allow that to happen (sub / dub) // 10. i won’t rely on anyone anymore (sub / dub) // 11. the only thing i have left to guide me (sub / dub) // 12. my very best friend (sub / dub)

the main series (manga):

 read here!

rebellion story manga

or alternatively you can purchuse volume 1-3 here! 

the main series (movies:)

there are 3 movies two are recaps of the anime and one is an all new feature length film

The Beginning Story & The Everlasting Story (recap movies): (torrent / online -part one / online -part two)

The Rebellion Story (new movie): (torrent)

the main series (drama cd’s)

1. memories of you (translation) // 2. sunny day life (translation) // 3. farewell story (translation) // 4. summer magical girl training camp!! (translation)

spinoff mangas:

Puella Magi Oriko Magica

Puella Magi Kazumi Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica- The Different Story

other things:


last but not least this

Thats it for now! Please message me if i missed anything or if you just want to talk PMMM i love this anime so much

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